Speaking to the Heart

Equipping Parents for the Journey

Today, challenged by the “Cry of the Orphans” ministry, hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of families are beginning their incredible adoption journey. Churches are developing orphan care ministries, looking for effective ways to make an impact. As I hear the stories of churches and individuals from all over the United States responding to a call from God to care for orphaned children, I feel such incredible joy. God is speaking to hearts all over the country. Some are stepping up to foster abused and neglected children. They are making permanent commitments to them. Still others are looking to see how they can reach out to a needy child thousands of miles away.

After spending six months overseas in 2008, and six trips since then,  my heart was deeply moved by the plight of orphans. We viewed firsthand the incredible needs of these beautiful children living in very difficult orphanage circumstances. I just didn’t stop in for a quick tour, but spent many hours over many months working with and training staff and social workers on best practices in child welfare. We spent many hours with the children, teaching them English, going on walks and picnics, swimming, and simply loving them. Most orphanage caregivers were doing the best they could under extremely difficult conditions, but life every day in many places was about merely surviving. I literally heard the cry of the orphan.

As God speaks to the hearts of so many, I not only feel joy, but also I feel a growing burden. We must not only speak to the hearts of interested prospective parents, but we also must help equip them for the journey. We want children to come to homes where their parents truly understand the brokenness from which they come and the emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs that arise from such difficult life experiences. We must recognize these people who are answering the call, and the passion that moved them to step up.

This is the reason that we have devoted our lives to the training and teaching of adoption and foster care professionals and to the adoptive/foster families they serve.

Throughout this website, you will find a lot of information about training opportunities, book resources, suggestions for most favored authors and much more.

It is our hope to equip those who are listening to God’s heart for the joyous and challenging journey ahead.

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  1. Amen Sister! My heart is in the same place!