Meet the Ohio Team

Over the several months, a number of folks will be working together on the Bulter County Trauma Informed Assessment, Preparation and Support Pilot.

Here who we are:


Project Coordinator: Jayne Schooler

Jeff Center, Executive Director, Butler County Children Services
Donna W. Lang MSW, LSW, Director of Placement Services, Butler County Children Services
Deborah A. Camara, M.Ed. Foster Care/Utilization Management Butler County Children’s Services
Mary Vierling, LSW, Adoption Supervisor, Butler County Children Services
Mary Vicario, Clinical Therapist, Trauma Specialist, St. Aloysius Orphanage

Bev Spevik, Pre-service Trainer

OCWTP and Insitute for Human Services

Darren Varnado, SW Ohio Regional Training Center Director

Betsy Smalley, Adoption and Foster Care Training Manager
Kelley Gruber, Training Coordinator, Institute for Human Services

Pam Ross, MBA, IHS Administrative Coordinator   

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