Trauma Informed Model Comes to Kyrygzstan

David and I have the privilege over the next three weeks to bring trauma informed training to social workers and orphanage caregivers.  Last week we started with our first group of caregivers from SOS Children's Village in Bishkek.  It felt like a great start to us, but we also know this is a major paradigm shift for them.

This is the first group we have the opportunity to be with.

Today we leave for an orphanage about six hours from where we live in Tokmok.  The caregivers there have had NO training at all to care for traumatized children.  Again, we see this as an incredible responsibility and privilege.

Much of what we are presenting is the work of Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross that the Child Institute of Development in Fort Worth.  The trust-based relational principles are changing lives.  Known as TBRI, this model offers hope of healing for children who come, as in Dr. Purvis's words, hard places.

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